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Went into the 'ol dealer to look at the new items that they are now offering like writing pens, t-shirt etc. They had this new 'o4 Black Esprit in the showroom that they just got in after selling their '03 Red one.

It is the best color for the car IMO- stunning w/ tan interior.

Some things I overheard some random people whose names I do not know in the dealership saying...

They have not recieved any shipping manifest information yet and to this point do not know their allocation...they will be offering the "gullwing" style hardtop- they will get blanks and paint them for the customer...all dealer agreements with Lotus have technically expired and the dealers are concerned about this as they feel it gives Lotus the upper-hand with this never-before-seen volume of cars on the way. Some dealers are concerned that Lotus could theoretically ask dealers to build dedicated sales sections specifically for Lotus onto the dealerships in order to be offered a re-up on the factory agreement*.

*I think that's what I overheard some guy saying.
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