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dealers that haven't taken 2nd batch orders?

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I talked to the manager of my dealership (MidRivers Lotus) today, and he said that he hadn't heard anything from Lotus about taking orders for the 2nd batch. I was wondering if there are other dealerships that haven't been asked for 2nd batch orders yet?

Maybe my earlier theory is true, and LCU can't collect the orders from all dealers at the same time, so they're trying to spread them out over a couple of weeks?
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Ditto here with the same dealer.
Would anyone know why there is a discrepency? From what I read and was told by my dealer, the next 20 is due this week. Maybe this is related to allocations?
nxm150 said:
Would anyone know why there is a discrepency? From what I read and was told by my dealer, the next 20 is due this week. Maybe this is related to allocations?
could be...
Perhaps we should write up a list of dealer's that have indeed taken second batch orders. Then we can compare that with the known dealers and see who is left.
Valenti asked for my order, I was late 20's

Also, is the consensus that the dealers that asked for the next 20 had to have them in by this week?
I think I was #36 at Classic Auto in NY. I guess a number of people dropped out b/c they wanted my order this week.
I went through some of the other threads, and came up with the following list of dealers that have taken 2nd batch orders:

Huntingridge Motors
Auto Europe
Lotus of Los Gatos
Silicon Valley Auto Group
Valenti Motors
Symbolic of Beverly Hills
Steve Harris Imports
Classic Automobiles

That's only about a third of all dealers. For all others, either nobody posted about it, or they haven't taken orders yet.
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Matheny in Jacksonville took it's next 20
And more...

Although I'm not lucky enough to be in that group, I understand that Scottsdale has taken its next batch also.
Manhattan Motors NYC was putting them in last week when I stopped by their showroom. P.S. - They had a Lambo on the floor just collecting dust. Wasn't sure
if they were going to throw it out so I stood outside near the garbage area.........just in case. Didn't work out as I had planned, but maybe next time it'll be really smudgy and dusty. That should do it. No super-rich-sob in NYC would ever settle for a smudged Lambo.
Silver Star of Thousand Oaks, CA took its next 20 this week.
I Believe also Star and Lotus Atlanta?
zvezdah1 said:
I Believe also Star and Lotus Atlanta?
Sports and specialist cars in princeton nj is taking the second batch as well. I'm not in it, but got a call from them trying to get prepared in cars people dropped off from the second group.

Newport European MotorCars put the second batch of orders in last week as well.
Smith Lotus also placed orders.
Lotus Motorsports

Lotus Motorsports in Brighton MA also have taken their first 20 or so.
maple crest in summit, NJ hasn't asked for my order and I am number 20.

got the call!

Ok, I got The Call! :D Apparently an e-mail sent from LCU to the dealer last week was lost. And now Lotus called him, and is "screaming for the orders". I'm going by the dealership tomorrow to have a look at the color samples before I make my choice (95% yellow) official.
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