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I've noticed that many dealerships seem to be passing a lot of false info to their clients, much of which seems to be fueled by the motive of scamming their customers in the future... pretty sad as you would figure these people would want to build a respectable image for themselves.

I'm glad the dealership I have my deposit with hasn't done anything like this.
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The Lotus dealer infostructure is not as robust as you would find with sports car companies more established in the U.S. Perhaps this is why you will find a great variety of dealer knowledge or honesty. Many of these dealerships also sell cars of other marques and perhaps aren't treating the Elise like the rest of their cars.

Some dealers will always be better than others. Fortunately, I haven't encountered anything bad as of yet.
But consider that we are only hearing one side of the story in posts. Not to say that they may not be accurate, but a number of posters are anonymous and sometimes people err in their interpretation or recall of a conversation.

And most importantly, in most cases, I would attribute bad info to one sales person, which is not at all surprising, even in dealerships from larger manufacturers. Coupled with the lack (as it seems) of official information, that might make things worse. Bad data abhors a vacuum.
It boils down to the salesperson. My dealership have alot of long time guys selling exotic cars. Had been dealing directly with the GM. But for the test drive got passed over to a new salesperson, got a lot of b.s. from him. A fair amount of sales person aren't really interested in the details, they just want to close the deal. Talked to and switched over to one of the long time managers and now am comfortable with the situation.

In our eagerness sometime we only hear what we want to or get frustrated in not being able to get the info and the dealers may try to tell us what we want to hear. Bottom line if we're not comfortable with what we're hearing check into another sales person or talk to a manager or general manager. If that doesn't go anywhere talk to another dealer.... really it's the kind of stuff we should be doing up front.
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