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I've never understood the aftermarket ICE design ethos.

Pretty much all headunits look like they're stuck in an 80s, Japanese sci-fi/anime universe.

I got excited finding out about the Alfa Parrot, but I'm not a fan of Android for embedded systems.

The only must have features for me are
  • Bluetooth
  • USB charge/data interface
  • Single knob
  • no optical drive mechanism (sniff sniff CDs :( ).
  • single-DIN, no flip-outs

Oh yeah and it has to look like it was designed by an adult, not a teenager doodling a skin for his manga-themed FPS.

So, here's a few options I'm considering, including a marine unit...

From the German car world, Becker/VDO/continental make some clean units:

(same one in blue)

Here is a current Kenwood that doesn't look hideous:

And here's the marine one (no USB though):

Any others I should be considering?

That cheap Blaupunkt looks interesting, but the price has me weary about quality.

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I just installed the one in the other link
and I am impressed with the build quality, the features, and the sound. I tested it with all the media (micro SD, USB, RF, and line in and it works great. For less than $20 with the adapter so I did not have to cut and splice was awesome. Later tonight I plan to post the photos of the install along with some installation tips like routing the USB charging cable into the cockpit. Only thing missing is a clock... Total install time was about 30 minutes, start to finish. Oh, the android app works great too.
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