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Demo at Downtown Jaguar in Minneapolis

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Downtown Jaguar in Minneapolis, MN has their demo:black/black, touring and hardtop. They are only allowing test drives to customers "on the list".

I finally got to drive the Elise, but I won't comment because anything I could say has already been said many times before. The experience was awesome but all too short! (Ok I had to comment a bit.) I put my deposit down the first of November 2003 and was #28, I ordered in March 2004. They now tell me I'm #18 so I have moved up a bunch! I should be seeing mine in "late fall" or November. At this point I'm not holding my breath, I figure sometime in January.

Downtown Jag so far has received 3 customer cars (CO, BGR & Black) and 2 "extra" cars that sold for 10k over MSRP (. . . I'm not going there . . .). The funny thing is all 3 customer cars were still waiting to be picked up. I know mine won't be sitting there for long.

Lastly, elisED did you actually bail or are you still hanging in there?

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WHAT!!! Did the Chrome Orange car have the sport suspension on it??

Hoping against hope...
AAAAhahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!! It IS my car!!

I pick it up tomorrow!
1. I'm assuming you guys are storing them for the winter.
2. You are storing them, right?
3. Did anyone @ the dealer tell you anything about "putting them up" for the winter? Would Elises need anything different than any other car as far as winter storage?
Yup, definately storing it. The dealer didn't mention anything about storing the Elise but I know there has been discussion here on EliseTalk in the past. The only one I remember is that the tires aren't supposed to be used or stored in -10 degree weather . . . hmmm, interesting. I do know that in the UK and Europe some use the car during the winters.

One nice thing about storing the car is that in the spring it's like discovering a "new" car.

You realize you may get snow in 1.5 months? ;) I lived in StPaul for 10 yrs. I was there during the Halloween 36" snowstorm in '91!

Have any of your driven down to Pepin, WI? The drive along hwy 35 next to the Mississippi River is beautiful. I used to ride my motorcycles down that route. Many of the 'alphabet' roads that branch off of the 35 are nice and twisty. My wife and I usually drove through Afton and stopped at the Harbor View Cafe in Pepin. Great food!
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