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my lotus

do repair lotus elise
send me your contact #[/SIZE]

If anyone on Long Island is interested in getting their car detailed, I offer the following process, with over 10 years of showcar detailing experience (this means I won't wear anything with an exposed metal zipper, use anything abrasive or corrosive, or mechanical, and won't leave wax in any cracks ;) ):

Hand wash
Clay bar (if requested)
Rinse + drying
Hand waxing (hard carnuba paste wax)
Hand buffing (microfiber or cloth diaper)
Edge detailing (removal of wax residuals from cracks)
Hand compound and rewax for spot repairs
Wheel cleaning and Teflon treatment (works great! You can clean wheels with a dry towel once they've been Teflon protected)
Tire shine

Full interior detailing:
Mat and carpet shampoo
Leather cleaning
Leather conditioning
Glass/windshield cleaning

Repair and diagnostic:
ODBII Code reading
ODBII Code removal

All work will be fully photographed and documented before and after, for liability purposes and comparison.


Exterior/Interior/Code check and report - $150 at my location (Garden City, NY)
Exterior/Interior/Code check and report - $210 at your location (must be in Nassau County)


6PM EST and later on week days, available weekends. Full process takes up to 3 hours.

PM me if you're interested. All proceeds go toward my Skip Barber classes.
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