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I did a compression test just to see what the health of the engine was. No signs or symptoms. All was healthy.

I took some pics since the sticky has pics of a celica (same procedure). You'll need Torx 30 driver to remove the 2 bolts on the plastic cover that says "Lotus". I had a kit from Harbor freight with the right size torx. Have the car at operating temps for higher readings.

Remove the R7 (ignition coil) fuse. some say to pull the fuel pump fuse too R1? i think (maybe someone can confirm to pull this one too)

With the plastic cover off, undo the 10mm bolts hold the injectors. Remove all 4 and unclip them. Remove the spark plugs and keep them in the same order when putting back. I needed a long extension to reach the plugs.

cylinder 1 is farthest to the right (when looking at the car from the rear) on the passenger side, closest to the timing belt/chain cover. cylinder 4 is on the left, on the driver's side. I got my compression tester from Harbor Freight too.
Screw in the rubber attachment tight and attach to gauge. Then I have the clutch and gas pedals pushed down 100%, pedal to the metal. Then push and hold the start button for a few seconds. I do this 3 times

I got from right most cyl 1, to left most cyl 4: 182 180 176 180 (You want consistent numbers and <5% fluctuation) Our engines should have around 200psi or so. Mine cooled a bit since I was taking pics so I'm happy with my numbers.

I put small amount of anti-seize on the spark plug then torque to 13 ft/lbs and some dielectric grease on the spark plug boots. The 10mm injector bolts were torqued to 6.5 ft/lbs

Someone can correct me on the torque or steps. Some say pull the fuel pump fuse too. Maybe someone can add to that. I can edit the post as long as the editor allows me to.

If you get one cyl with a low number, you can add a teaspoon of oil and if the value increases a lot then it could mean your rings are bad. If adding oil has no change in value, then it could be the valves in the head
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