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Dimmitt (Florida)

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I spoke with Dimmitt today about letting me sit in the S2 at the Tampa Auto show next week. The guy was very cool. He said that he would spend plenty of time with me (top on and off, etc.)

They are in the low 60s on deposits but expect a few drop offs. He also said that they are getting 75 in the first year (I know what you all are thinking about allocation not being official). He then mentioned that smaller dealers may only be getting 25 in the first year.

He spoke about local Toyota dealers possibly being service centers. I was very impressed with Dimmitt. They said they would call me back, and they did. He seemed quite personable.

It is too bad my business trip is the same time as the show. Another week sooner or later, and I could have driven it.

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My experience with Prestige has been less exemplary. I have yet to hear from them. The took my money with a smile, but had no answers on whether they would have a demo for me to try out, or whether they would have a car for the Miami show, and they haven't called me back to update me on anything. Bleh.
Thats where i got my money at. I have been talking to Randy Hughes. They are the best dealership i have worked with so far. I should be going today are sometime soon to go and see the demo car. but i do also have my auto show tickets too. Good thing im on the lower end of the list.
I've been working with Jeff an CJ at Dimmitt. They are both great guys. I was going to look at the Elise again on Monday and drive it, but the wife wasn't up for it, so they told me I could at least get past the rope if I want to at the auto show to check it out again.

I may try to get back there Saturday or Sunday (tomorrow) and check it out, but if not, I'll do it at the autoshow.

I'm somewhere around #42 on the list. That's fine, I don't need the car until around next fall sometime. Fall and winter is the best time to own this car down here in Florida.

Anyway, glad you at least be able to check it out at the auto show. What day are you going to go?
I am probably going to go on Thursday in the evening. I am hoping for fewer people there in order to get to sit in the car.

Randy was the salesman I was speaking with. I highly recommend him.

Heard from Prestige today... the Elise is in town, and will be at the auto show. Woohoo!
Steve, do you know the color of the one you guys will have at your show?

Take some photos! I've only seen the dark blue and the bright red.
You KNOW I'm gonna get some photos!!!

I recently got a badass new digicam, so I'm gonna have some real fun with it.

Finally, I'll have material to start up my new site: (where I'm going to record everything about my car)

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