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Dontcha hate buying a new radio and then having to basically kludge it into the car, when there is a perfectly good connector right there?
For some reason it is hard to find the DIN connectors that are used in the Elise/Exige in the US

I ended up buying a bunch because they were cheapish and the shipping didn't increase
This is the harness that came with my new radio for my Excel crimped into a DIN connector like they use in the Elise, no wad of splices just a custom harness



YOu just need an 'F' crimper I bought one at radio shack years ago

Regular cars they will sell you or Crutchfield might give you a custom harness

Anyway I have a bunch I'll figure out what I paid for them and try to figure out a way to ship them cheaply as they are worth less than a small flat rate box
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