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Hi All,

Here’s a DIY guide on how to replace a paddle shift on an IPS Evora. The car in this guide is a 2014 S, however, this should be pretty similar, if not identical, across all model years.

Estimated Time From Step 3: 1 hour

You will need:

-T30 Star Bit
-4mm Allen wrench/hex key
-Philips screwdriver
-Downshift and/or upshift paddle (lotuspartsonline #18 or #19 (Interior Switches, Auxiliary Power Socket. Lotus | Lotus Parts Online, Birmingham MI)


-Razor blade / x-acto knife
-Toothpick or small flathead screwdriver
-Needlenose pliers

Before starting, you can also read Plackslayer’s wheel replacement guide: How to replace a steering wheel - going from MY11 -> MY12 This was all that was available at the time I replaced my switch, so my guide is based on that one, but tailored specifically to the paddle switches.

Step 1: Let the car sit for 30 minutes after turning off the ignition for the ECU to shutdown.

Step 2: Ensure the car alarm is disabled and remove the negative lead (black cable) from the car battery. Ensure this cable cannot make accidental contact with the battery. Wait 30 minutes before starting next step (airbag related).

Motor vehicle Electrical wiring Automotive design Cable Automotive exterior

Step 3: Using the T30 Star bit, loosen the (2) screws (one on each side) that hold the airbag in place (colored blue and located below the shift paddles in the pictures below:

Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design Personal luxury car Vehicle door

Car Vehicle Automotive design Motor vehicle Personal luxury car

Step 4: Gently slide the airbag out towards you. Use your knees (or a second set of hands) to hold the airbag stationary at the bottom of the steering wheel. Using a small toothpick or flat head screw driver, continuously push down on the top part of the clip of the connector and use needle nose pliers to grab the outside housing of the connector and pull/wiggle outwards. Once unclipped, set the airbag aside.

White Light Automotive design Automotive tire Rim

Step 5: Using the 4 mm Allen wrench, remove the (6) hex bolts that have an orange colored slash through them (reference Step 4 picture). They may have some blue loctite on them so be prepared to use a bit of force. Hold/brace the steering wheel in the opposite direction to combat the torque from unscrewing. Once all (6) hex screws are removed, the steering wheel will be free from where it connects to the steering column. Ensure the black clip (for the cruise control, directly left of the airbag connector - visible in the Step 4 picture above) is unclipped before removing the wheel (remove exactly as done for airbag connector).

Step 6: Flip the wheel over on your lap/table and remove the two Philips screws holding the switch to the steering wheel. Gently pull/slide the switch out and unclip it by pushing down on the backside (closest to the red/white wires of the wheel connector) of the clip/
and separating.

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Rim Bumper Gas

The old switch should now be separated from the steering wheel.

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tread Crankset

Wood Hardwood Auto part Gadget Composite material

Step 7: Take the new switch and attach/connect the connector to the steering wheel. The connection should be such that the red and white wires line up. Take the (2) removed Philips screws and screw the new switch into place. Be sure to carefully screw the switch in place so that it does not rub against the rear plastic fascia, and function test the new switch thoroughly. You can see in the first picture below how tight the fit can be, and any rubbing can inhibit switch functionality.

Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design Vehicle Gear shift

Camera accessory Camera lens Cameras & optics Digital camera Gadget

Step 7.5 (Optional): Take the razor blade or x-acto knife, and with the switch removed, trim some of the rear plastic fascia where the clearances between it and the switch is tight or rubbing occurs. Reconnect and reattach the switch as described above and function test.

Step 8: Reattach the steering wheel. Line up the holes and screw the hex bolts back in with the 4 mm Allen wrench. Reconnect the black cruise control switch in the original (left hand side) slot.

Step 9: Reattach the airbag clip (right hand side slot) and then insert the airbag. Tighten the two airbag set screws with the T30 Star bit.

Step10: Reconnect the black lead to the battery.

Step 11: Reindex the windows. Roll the driver side window all the way down and continue holding it down for an extra ~2ish seconds until you hear a click. Roll the drivers side window all the way up and continue holding it up for an extra ~2ish seconds until you hear a click. Repeat the same for the passenger side window.

At this point you should be done. Take the car out and function test the new switch! Overall, I thought this was a pretty easy process. I have very little car knowledge, so if I can do this, anyone should be able to! Let me know if you have any questions.


1) Make sure the airbag set screws are lined up properly before reattaching the wheel. One of mine came loose and rotated around in the retaining housing and I didn’t notice until I had already reattached the wheel. I had to take it off again to get it lined up right.

2) The cruise control wiring is held in place by a white clip that uses adhesive to hold it to the back side of the paddle switch. Mine was loose and I just removed it. If yours is in place, use the flat head screwdriver or toothpick to pry it loose. Reattach once the new switch is inserted or discard.

3) You may even be able to replace the switch without taking off the wheel. If you rotate the wheel such that the switch to be taken off is at the 12 or 6 o’clock position and then shutdown the car (and follow the above mentioned waiting periods) you should be able to access the Philips screws holding it in, be able to slide it out, and access the connector switch for disconnecting and reconnecting. It may be worth trying to save time, but if it ends up not working, the steps above are pretty easy as a backup.

Edit: Small additions for clarity and grammatical errors.


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Thanks for this! I had a crunchy 1 on my 2012 but had the dealer replace it under warranty. I expect it will happen again at some point and this write up will be invaluable.
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