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Hi all,
Recently I experienced what many have or will... only some gears shifting (in my case 2nd, 4th, 6th) and others not. Root cause = busted plastic sleeve on Gear Shift cable (there are two cables, the other one is called Cross Gate cable). I can add an image of the damage as needed.

The following are a series of tricks I used to a) temporary fix it and be able to recover all gears shifting, and b) make the cables replacement easier while installing aftermarket cables as I knew my temporary fix will only last so long. The provider instructions (here Sector 111) are a very good place to start so refer to it for the basic steps... here are just additional tricks I wanted to share that should apply no matter what brand of cable you are deciding to install.

Hope it will help somebody out there :D

A) temporary fix: The shifting is prevented by the plastic sleeve no longer properly attached to its original metal housing and now creating interference with said housing when shifting cable is pulled when you try to engage either Reverse, 1st, 3rd, or 5th. This represents the same as cable being shortened by about 10+mm = won't shift. The fix is to be able to reinsert the sleeve in its housing (very easy... push it with your finger while your assistant shifts in 1st) and somehow force it to stay there... glue won't work but you can get a wedging effect by using 2 hose clamps... a small one grabbing the sleeve itself and a larger one grabbing both the first hose clamp and the nearby C clamp retaining the shifting cable... a bit of dexterity required to install it but you are back and running in 30 minutes while cable replacement (providing you have the parts) is hours away.

B) unless you remove both of your seats (I ended up doing it) to do the job it is very difficult to access the screws securing the plastic block holding the cables near just the shifter. Just use vice pliers to hold your preferred philips bit.

C) adjusting new cables length (at first you are trying to simply set it to the same setting as the cables you removed... leaving you with minor adjustments to make once cables are installed): this can be very frustrating unless you are able to keep both ends of both cables (old and new) somewhat aligned with one another. I recommend running your new cables through the center console in their final position without worrying about their length for now... Once both new cables (cross gate and gear shift) are routed properly (extra tip: to route the upper cable - gear shift - it helped me loosening up both bolts holding parking brake lever and even removing the aft one thus allowing greater rotation of the lever assembly out of the way to allow to slide the cable metal fitting), pick the one you want to length adjust first (for, say, "cross gate" one) and insert the corresponding old one through the cabin opening so that it runs parallel to the new one outside of the center console. Once both cable ends are close to one another, use the plastic block from the center console to "align" and "secure" their metal fittings. Now you need to do the same for the other ends that are just on the floor under the rear of the car. For doing this just punch x2 1'' diameter holes in a piece of plastic being about 1/16 to 1/8'' thick (see images - I am using a blue plastic electrical box you can get at your favorite hardware store for less than 2 buckaroos...) and "align" and "secure" the ends of the two cables to that expensive piece of tooling using the C clamps you removed when initially removing the cables from the car. From there adjusting the cable length will be greatly facilitated...

:shift: Happy Lotus motoring....


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