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Lotus Talk member DrHeLpErZx suggested I post here.

I am between Lotus'es, Loti, whatever.... The point is I have been working with the 2ZZGE engine for many years. Recently I have been enjoying a ball bearing turbocharged, EFR powered, 2ZZ swapped MR2 Spyder. My family and I assembled the car over the summer since we got a deal for $900. Who doesn't want a reliable autocross car for less than a grand, right? Anyway, we had a huge stack of parts sitting around from my Elise. So, naturally she convinced me this is where the parts were needed. The entire car has been rebuilt from the ground up! But, this isn't a build thread so Ill stick to the items helpful for improving your boosted (or not) Lotus. What is included here is 100% applicable to the Lotus Elise and Exige and probably any other Toyota engine with a 36-1 Denso style crank angle sensor.

Since I am a big fan of throttle response and driveability (see autocross above) I decided to try some chemical inter-cooling via methanol injection. The idea was ditch the typical intercooler entirely and run very tightly controlled methanol injection. This would keep the volume of the system down without the, extra tubing and pressure drop for an intercooler. The engine could be more responsive. I did some research on a few of the methanol controllers on the market and found a few things.

The controllers were either all extremely primitive boost pressure referenced junk or connected to a simple boost switch. The problem with both of these options is that the injector/s need to be way undersized so that the engine is not flooded under light load or lower RPM's.

Given that none of the things on the market seemed programmable enough or priced fairly, I decided to build an add on fully mapped methanol controller. Something that runs like its own stand alone EMS. So, these are the functions I wanted.
  • RPM vs Mass Air Flow injection table
  • RPM vs Boost Pressure (MAP) injection table
  • Pulse Width Modulated pump control capable of over 40 AMPS at 12 volts (to allow for very fast pump response)
The controller would be coupled with the cheap Snow Performance "Boost Cooler" offering:

Not as clean and neat as my previous Elise but it has it where it should. The red hose is the go juice.

So after looking around I found that there are a couple of devices that provide these functions. The reliable option I chose was an AEM FIC-6 and an MD04 programmable PWM controller. The AEM FIC is from a reputable company and has extreme reliability. The unit is intended to work as a piggyback on OEM ECUs. However, it works just fine as a stand alone controller for certain functions such as A2W intercooler pump control or in my case progressive 2D mapped methanol injector control.

2D map example (can be boost or MAF referenced)

To use the FIC was quite simple:

Load the 2ZZGE specific firmware and connect up to the needed sensor/s. In my case I am currently running just the crank angle sensor (2 wires) and optionally the MAF (2 wires). So, technically only Power, Ground, Crank +/- are needed. Additionally a boost sensor hose is needed to hook to the MAP sensor included on the FIC if you wish to do anything with manifold pressure.


Once the FIC was electrically hooked to the engine a pair of wires from one of the configurable FIC analog outputs AO was run to the input of an MD04. The MD04 simply converts the 0-5V signal from the FIC to a PWM signal to run a Snow Performance methanol pump.

The final step was to build out a 2D table for the flow I wanted across the engine map. After doing so I simply needed to back down my regular fuel injection as needed.

Here's an example of boost pressure controlling the flow rate of the pump.
Video of pump testing.

If you have read this far you may be looking for a conclusion. Well, I currently have boost set at 10 PSI as the clutch won't hold any more. But, knock is very well controlled. In fact given the low charge temperatures I would say that the meth is performing better than the last air to water intercooler I ran. Im actually suprised by how slowly I burn through the 50/50 mix on the street. I ordered a case of this stuff and have only used half a jug in two months.

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