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  1. Is the exposed aluminum frame anodized?
  2. Can we get it anodized in a color to match the interior?
  3. What type of stitching do the leather seats have?
  4. Is the aluminum window lever cast or forged?
  5. Does the MP3 player take SmartMedia, CompactFlash, or CDs?
  6. Is the ECU connection serial or USB? Where is it?
  7. At what temperature does the frame's epoxy compound melt down?
  8. Are the tire air-valves cheap plastic, or "chromers" ? :D
  9. Can the vanity plate holder be easily removed?
  10. Are the HVAC knobs aluminum or plastic?
  11. Where on the steering wheel is/are the horn button(s)?
  12. Is there a cigarette lighter available for the "power outlet" ?
  13. What is the weight / volume capacity of the cargo net?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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