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Brought the Evora in for service first week of July. Passenger side door is closed, but Dash reads it as is shut completely, but window won't go all the way up unless you push or pull the door a bit extra, then the ajar light goes off and window raises the rest of the way.
Dealer ordered a new sensor for the door, still waiting for it. The battery is taking a beating from the constant draw. Pulled interior light fuses that helps, but dash ajar light is always on.
Disconnected the battery to charge it, and leaving it disconnected is the only way to prevent dead battery. I re-connected the battery today to start it, and now it thinks the driver's door is ajar too. It's an 11 with 300 miles. Bought it "new" in march (Chinese Evora).
Did some research on here and read about a latch adjustment. The Dealer says there is no way to adjust the striker or latch. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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