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Door plunger: Stuck in up position, but does lock

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In short when I lock my 2005 Elise with the Fob, switch, or key the driver's side plunger (small metal post) remains up. I did see it twitch with each attempt.
I've read a lot on this forum about the CDL unit not functioning but its seems my problem is more likely electrical/mechanical within the door, but my knowledge of this particular mechanism is null.
Tell me what you guys think and thanks for any help

As it happened;
The day before smogging my car, the internal locking teeth/arms of the fuel cap broke and the Engine light came on in the short time later.
I temporarily replaced it with a Stant 10851 instead of 125$ one the dealership would get for me in a week. Some driving time later the light did not go off so I attempt to wipe the codes by the following method which has worked in the past;

1. Disconnected the Battery: negative 1st then Positive. Battery has 0 Corrosion and is fully charged (12v)
2. Drain any Capacitors: Pressed and held the horn down for 10 seconds (no sound)
3. Wait, Round 1: 15 Minutes then reconnected the Battery; Positive then Negative terminal and tightened
4. Wait, Round 2: 15 Minutes more, then started the car. Light still on
5. Repeat: Repeated the above steps but leave it off for nearly 8 hours before reconnecting
6. Drive: Drove around a bit and the light remained on

I think the light coming on now is only coincidental and I'll need to get the codes. I lock the doors, via the key fob, and notice the plunger on the driver's side door did not go down.
Quickly I go into debug mode;

1. Though the plunger did not go down the doors did lock. I unlock them via the key fob
2. Lock the doors from inside the card via the switch in front of the stick shift. Doors lock, plunger remains up
3. Exit the car then lock the door with the key. Door locks plunger remains up.
4. Unlock the car with the key then check fuse F22 and all the lower fuses all of which are fine.