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Door sill

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Does anyone know if a 2005 exige door sill will fit on a 2005 Elise?

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Depends on where you are.
Non US cars still had the non air bag dash in 2005.
And the door sills between air bag and non air bag cars are different as far as I remember.
Make sure that you get whatever you have (air bag or non air bag sills) and you should be fine.
Well, it looked like he was based in socal, so I assumed he was talking US cars only. :shrug:
But just as you stated earlier there was no 2005 Federal Exige -poke-

So if we take the 2005 Exige statement as a fact then he is either not based in the US, or the sills of that Exige are not from a Federal car, which means it is the non air bag version.

If the model year was just a typo then this is a different story ;)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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