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Dragons Tail trip #4

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I took off for the Dragon's Tail yesterday with a friend who drives a very well tuned miata R. The traffic wasn't too bad as it was late in the afternoon. We made some very fast runs through it and got some great video with a ChaseCam bullet cam mounted to the front end (neatly in the grill) I recorded runs going both ways. I've got to say the Elise was made for this road! With each visit I come back thinking I've gotten to know this car a lot better. Anyone who hasn't been to this road in Tennessee really has to visit it sometime. Hopefully, our Elise meet will grow in the future so more of us can meet up there.

Randy, can you host the videos on this thread?
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you are addicted to the Dragon! seek help!
Lucky bugger, lives an hour and a half away from it, not to mention Blairsville is situated in some of the best roads inthe southeast. I've been all over many of them, wow!!
NtflBlueLiz said:

you are addicted to the Dragon! seek help!
Bah... he's a lightweight. I've been out there 8 times this year, and I live 3 hours away! :D Tirerack loves me. :p
Bah... he's a lightweight.
It's true. The last time I was there, Highlander rode with me. When he told me how much he went there (longer drive too) it made me realize that I really didn't have any "issues" with going there. Now I realize I'm in complete denial and have to start a 12 step program soon... maybe in a few weeks.
I believe photopost will support uploading these videos, and then you can just link to them from here.
It won't work. I choose the file, click upload, and I get "page cannot be displayed" 5-10 seconds later. It isn't a huge file (.mpg) and it says size is unlimited so Im not sure whats up.
There is indeed a limit of total file size uploaded to the gallery.

Videos are linked now...hang on

elise dt 101704.mpg 19-Oct-2004 10:38 60MEGS!
Long version.

Short version.
elise dt 101704 2.mpg 19-Oct-2004 10:04 1.7M

When we were there we tried to go as fast as possible while staying inside the yellow lines. Someone in this video has been naughty. :no: :p
They run traffic in both directions on that road, don't they? :no:
Sheeze.. I guess I can scratch DT off my motorcycle to-ride list.

My luck would have me knee down, carving the same turn in the opposite direction.
It may be hard to see in the video, but many of the curves give you a lot of visibility to see if there is oncoming traffic.

I usually try to stay on my side even if I know that there is no one coming for entertainment value, but some people prefer to use the entire road in the persuit of sheer speed! Depends on your style I suppose. But you have to be careful about crossing the double yellow. There could be someone caster coming the opposite way. I'm sure Dan was being careful.
I am not sure what the people that were giving Ron (pianomaniac) a hard time on the top speed thread are going to say...

You may be better served at a race track (one way traffic):eek:
It may look bad but the visibility is much greater than the video shows. I don't cross unless I am certain there is plenty of room to adjust my line.
I actually meant what Vantage said, I try to stay in the lines ( while going as fast as possible).

I agree there are areas where you can tell if there is someone coming or not.
BTW Dan, those were some of the best videos I've seen thus far featuring our Fed Elise. Really gives a good indication of the engine noise.
Dan, can you give us more info on how you mounted the camera? Where did you put the microphone?
I don't care if you can "see" around the bend or not, there is no excuse for crossing over the double yellow line. It just poor driving.

I understand the desire to "carve the perfect line" and all that, I just do it within my lane. You can drive from one side of the lane to the other (without crossing the lines) and still follow the "racing line", you just do it on a narrow track.

There was even a couple of points in the video where the line was crossed as the car was rapidly closing on another car. Not to bright...:no: :no:

You don't need the whole road to play race car driver - one lane is enough.

Bottom line is Stay in your lane - Do not cross the yellow!
just be aware that the number one thing the enforcers look for is yellow line crossing. they are unforgiving and the citations are expensive. watch out for black unmarked blount county and TN state trooper cars parked in the trees. and oh yeah, sometimes they bring in a helicopter to spot line crosssers

it does tend to be a bit more challenging to do the runs without crossing that line.
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