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Hi all! New member and Lotus owner here. I purchased a 2006 Autumn Gold Lotus Elise from a fellow member here on Lotus Talk back in the end of July.

My love for Lotus has been in my heart ever since I can remember. Growing up in a household of British sports cars, I guess it was inevitable. Spending my childhood free time (well, not “free time”, this pulled me away from my Gameboy) I helped my dad work on his cars. Ok, I didn’t really help, other than handing him wrenches, and spending what felt like a eternity, hearing “down” called from somewhere under the car, pushing down brake/clutch pedals, waiting for the “up” command, releasing the pedal, and waiting for the next “down” command.

The car I remember most vividly is my dad’s Valencia Blue 1970 Triumph GT6. This was the car I liked most. Small, lightweight, and the sound of the British straight six trumpeted through a monza exhaust that had the little prancing horses on the tips, I always thought it was a Ferrari. When I turned 15 and a half, it’s the car I learned how to drive a “standard” transmission on. Years later, after I graduated highschool, I found my very own 1968 Triumph GT6, and went to work getting it back on the road to compete with my dad in club rallies, car shows, etc. A picture of my (red) GT6 next to my dad’s after I got it back on the road below:

I spent my childhood going on rides, visiting Road America, and car shows (British shows and shows for all cars). My family had MGs, Triumphs, Jaguars, Austin Healey, among a few Alfa’s and an Opel GT (my mom’s, we call it the bastard child of the family). I spent most of my time admiring the brands we didn’t have: TVR, Lotus, Sunbeam, mini coopers, etc.

Fast forward to 1997: top of the birthday list is Gran Turismo for the Sony PlayStation, second on the list is the actual Sony PlayStation (can’t play the game without the system). I spent the whole summer working at my grandma’s canoe rental cleaning and putting away canoes for $1 a canoe, to save up enough to pay for 1/2 the cost of the PlayStation. I chose the PS over the N64 for 1 reason and 1 reason only: Gran Turismo. A chance to race with real cars, cars I’d probably never be able to own in my adult life. One car became my “go to” car in not only Gran Turismo, but in every racing game from that point forward: The series 1 Lotus Elise! Not as powerful as the other cars, but it was lighter, cornered faster, braked faster, I was in love. I still use a Lotus Elise in racing games to this day, see below!

First experience racing the Elise:

Still racing the Elise to this day, although now I get to make the digital one look like my physical one:

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