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I had 1 dream about an elise... and it wasnt pretty. I went to an auto show and couldnt find the car. As I was leaving I saw the Lotus transport truck and went to take a look. There was the elise beside it... with the keys in the ignition. So I thought I would take it for a whirl. I drove it around town for about 15 minutes and parked it back just as I saw it. Then it turns out someone else ends up stealing the car, and my face is on some cameras which spotted the car.

I then checked the Elisetalk forums and everyone was pissed about the theft. There was also a picture of me posted up in a hate thread. Everyone was like... "Im going to kill that elise stealing bastard if I ever see him"

And then I just sat back thinking "Oh $Hi#........"

I should have pleasant dreams about the elise! Not nightmares!

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