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Driving shoes for narrow feet

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Hoping someone could recommend a brand/style of shoe for narrow feet. As a lady, I am having difficulty finding a narrow enough shoe--just need one for driving events; not racing. Also, how true to your regular shoe size did they run? Didn't have much luck at our local store and don't want to waste time and money ordering online. I prefer a low to mid-high style.

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Try Puma SpeedCats. They are available (at least around here) at Lady Footlocker.
+1 for Puma, probably the narrowest shoes you can get. You should be able to find a pair at lady footlocker, puma outlet, any mall :shrug:
i would go with these :nanner2:

That's because you're a clown :D.
yes, Speed Cats. Take a look under the womens motorsport section at PUMA. Plenty of fun styles for a woman's taste. They are sold at Shoes, Clothing, Handbags, Sunglasses | Free Shipping.
my wife likes Oakleys, she has pumas also that she likes the style of, but likes the oakleys better for driving. Try SafeRacer - Auto Racing Safety Equipment, Auto Racing Gear, Auto Racing Helmets, Auto Racing Suits
speed cat or drift cat.
i think the drift cats are a bit better
I punched holes through my floorboard and Flintstone it. The Elise is so light, I can get a pretty good head of steam going and foot power saves money on gas :)
MY girlfriend really likes the Puma's drift cats also. They are very narrow and fit the elise pedals perfectly. I alsop have tried driving shoes, piloti's are too thick not enough pedal feel and they are kinda wide for the pedals IMO but the Puma Speed cats are perfect. IMHO
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