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DRS/EFI MAP sensor location - 2005 Elise

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Hello all. I have an interesting problem. I have a 2005 Elise with a ForcedFed 275 turbo system. I had a DRS/EFI X1 setup, which I removed last fall and sold. I purchased a X2 system from Kris at Dynamic Racing Solutions and it's theoretically plug and play because the harness should plug into the existing locations that I had from my X1. The problem is I can't find where the MAP sensor is. Since I can't find the plug, I can't play. I was hoping someone with the same setup could either tell me where it is or snap a picture or two and send them to me so I know where to look.

For those who aren't familiar with the system - I know the 2005 doesn't come stock with the MAP sensor, but the DRS/EFI setup does use a MAP sensor and the MAF sensor is disconnected.

Again, any help would be appreciated. I've been looking for this sensor for hours.

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Well a month and a half later I hope u have found it by now but if not the MAP sensor looks like a 4"x1.5" black rectangular box. It has two bolt/mounting holes on he sides and a vacuum nipple in the middle. They could probably choose a few locations to mount it but I'm guessing somewhere along the firewall possibly close to that intake manifold line that leads to the stock airbox.
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