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I don't see this posted anywhere else - I apologize if I missed it elsewhere.

Don't ask me why but in Kroger this morning I picked up a copy of DUB - "The original automotive lifestyles magazine" it says on top. This is a magazine that in the editor's note says it is "....the voice of the urban automotive scene.....hip hop culture ........ worked with the MTV crew to put together the MTV Cribs Whips Rides and Dubs edition shows ........MTV's Pimp My Ride ........ WELL you get the picture - I'm sorry if I've got you confused but so am I

AT ANY RATE - I'm flipping through the magazine loaded with radically customized pimped out rad schnizzle my fizzle cars and LOW AND BEHOLD there's a full page review of our beloved Elise on page 29 - they loved it and said "Driving the Elise was so hugely entertaining that I developed the urge to drag race, slalom, do donuts - anything to toss the little roadster around before returning to my lowly rental car."

I'm wondering what a Fully Dressed, Pimped Out Elise would look like.

Sorry to be such an old fart - but I'm just not into the gangsta rap or whatever you call it - not that there's anything wrong with it - whatever blows your skirt up I say.

Nice photos, nice article. Thanks to DUB
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