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Dunnville trackday with SMALL # of CARS

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I will be holding another small group lapping session on May 2nd Saturday.

As we are well known among bmw track goers, we will be hosting another

one. The last lapping day which happend just few days ago, we had 9 cars in

total for 4 hours(with vettes and porsche). Tons of Seating time and tons of

fun. We usually have an instructor(who does bmw school) coming along and

provide small instructions to those who request. So this would be a great

opportunity, best of all,

its free.

We dont have 20 cars 30 cars 40 cars. The most we had was 15, usually

under 10.

Location: Dunnville autodrome

Time/Date: May 2nd Saturday, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm(we usually start around 7:30)

Price: $100 per car and Additional $20 for korean BBQ(korean marinated bbq ribs and drinks)

Please contact [email protected] if you decide to join.

Act fast, 9 spots will fill quickly.

p.s. Last year, a member from this forum came and had a blast! you know who you are lol
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I just noticed your post....sorry I missed it.
If you do any more this summer please let me know. There are a group of us who would be interested
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