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DZUS fasteners for diffuser tray?

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Since the most useful jacking points and many maint bits are behind the rear diffuser, I've though of replacing the screws with DZUS fastners:
Has anyone used these before? The design looks really nice:

"Every fastener in our Dzus line is based on the rugged spiral cam stud and spring-wire receptacle design. They're much better than other 1/4-turn type fasteners, especially after prolonged use. The fastener provides a firm locking tension with a crisp and positive lock. The end of the stud cam presents a solid over-rotation stop. Wear is minimal and performance is maintained over thousands of use cycles. Stud shanks are smooth, with no pins or lugs to hang up in support holes. 5/16" diameter."
We would need 18? total for both the diffuser and undertray coverage, so 10 of each size (0.5" and 0.6"). Self-ejecting would be nice, but I'm not sure what all parts you would need, or if the receiver plates need to be riveted as well. Might not be a plug & play replacement, it seems.

Still, the price is right at $1-$2 each. Anyone have any experience with these?
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DFCI makes something remarkably similar:

And here's a picture of a "winged" fastener:

Those are some huge wings.. likely to get bent on day 1.

Popular with kart folks too?

Even "Randy's Racemart" has them. :)

Sitting around with an empty and clean garage gives one some time to solve non-existant problems, I think...

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I installed them some are useful some are uselass and some cannot be installed unless you take a lot more of the car apart than I am willing to. They are usefull for 12 bolts the rest need to stay with the original bolts.

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I've used them (not on the elise, I don't have mine yet). The biggest thing was like the old saying- measure twice......
A pain to install so everything is lined up- but soooo nice once you get it done. Quarter turn and you're done!
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