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East Coast blackout and Lotus Owners Group?

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Has anyone heard if the blackout will effect the LOG meeting, and any hopes for offical news?

The LOG site says the gathering is from 8/15 to 8/17, so perhaps the blackout may be a momentary delay? :(

Log site:

Log festival schedule:
On Saturday from 5:15 to 6:00p.m., there's a Lotus Limited Board Meeting. Perhaps that's when the announcements may be made?
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As someone said on a Lotus mailing list..

"They are Lotus owners and used to Lucas electronics. They are used to being in the dark"

Seriously, I don't know. My wife is on vacation in Detroit visiting family and was without electricity. Called me to find out what was going on, since they were cut off from information. Let's hope that LOG still goes off as planned.

For those that watched, it was interesting to see Conan O'Brien's show last night. Done with flashlights and a skeleton crew and no audience for some time.
Now hearing that some places may not get electricity back up until Sunday.

For my son, this must be a tragedy. No computer. No DVD player. No TV. No cable. No Instant Messenger. No Counter Strike. Hope he can remember how to read.

(waiting for some word from LOG)
FYI: LOG stands for Lotus Owner's Gathering as Lotus Ltd refers to it.

The Lotus Ltd board meeting is just that: the board of directors of Lotus Ltd and any members in good standing of Lotus Ltd - i.e. no Lotus Cars USA personel present. Only club issues are discussed - not official Lotus issues. For example, at the Worcester, MA LOG two years ago, I sat in on the board meeting, and they were trolling the attending membership for ideas to help the club be more responsive to members needs. Having just come back from the intro factory driver training course to attend LOG, I suggested they form a closer relationship with the factory club, OLC, and arrange trips to Hethel to tour the factory coupled with driver training courses. Bob Metz was ultimately responsible for making this happen - and now it looks like there are a couple of trips a year that happen through Lotus Ltd.

If any announcement about the Federal Elise is made this weekend, it will be made by Arnie Johnson - you can be sure of that, or at least he and his crew will let the LOG know when an announcement will be made. Most likely speculation is that Arnie will make whatever announcement he is going to make during the after dinner speeches prior to the guest speaker which usually concludes the evening as tales of Colin's adventures waft long into the night.

At Worcester, MA, they brought up an Exige, and a 340R both of which several LOG attendees had the priviledge of having Arnie throw them the keys for a ride - to which the back roads... well you get the idea... went by awfully fast!

I can't wait to hear either.

-- Tom
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