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Hello guys,

I know talking about brake pads can be opening a can of worms as we all have our own opinion, but I wanted to offer a direct comparison between the EBC Redstuff and EBC Yellowstuff brake pads. I couldn't find a user comparison anywhere, only a manufacturer description.

When my OEM brake pads wore out I replaced them with EBC Redstuff pads because I had good luck with Redstuff pads on my other car in the past. I still had plenty of life on my OEM rotors so I reused them. I only used them for a week before driving my car at Watkins Glen for 2 days for my first track event. I was told my OEM pads would suffice for my first event, so I figured my Redstuff pads would as well. They performed very well for what they are. I had no brake fade, however I noticed by the end of the day I couldn't lock up the brakes anymore (the pedal still felt firm), so I was close to the limit of the pads. The back of the car was still doing that funny bouncing thing it does when the back gets light, which meant I was stopping pretty hard still. On the ride home I could tell my pads had been overheated because the friction was gone. Still drivable on the road (I put a few thousand miles on them) but the initial bite was gone.

A few weeks ago I went back to Watkins Glen and this time I put new OEM style drilled Centric Rotors from Rockauto (61 bucks a piece!) and Yellowstuff pads. I used them for a couple days before going back to the track. My initial impression was "wow." They had really good initial bite. In fact, just trying them out, without bedding them in, I locked up a front tire a couple times. They didn't make much noise, a little low pitched howling as you were inching to a stop, but no squealing. So even though they are advertised as a road pad, I was still surprised by the lack of noise and the initial bite with no warm-up. On the track they performed well for what I was doing. I was hard on the brakes but I do not have racing slicks. I couldn't easily lock them up unless I REALLY wanted to. So I'm sure there is more to be had there, but honestly for the price you really can't go wrong. This time when I left the track they still had bite so I think they tolerated the heat a little better, but they didn't stop a whole lot harder while on track which was a little surprising.

So my recommendation is buy Redstuff pads actually. They are really awesome for road and AutoX use. You will not over heat them, try as you may. They produce basically no dust, and the initial squealing goes away shortly and you won't notice them. Also, they last forever... The jump to Yellowstuff is not significant enough to justify the lower life and increased brake dust. They still aren't quite enough for the track and they are less desirable for the road. You really need a separate brake pad for the track and road. We can have an entire conversation on track pads, and nowhere will Yellowstuff come up, so I think that speaks for itself.

Just my two cents.

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