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Curious if anyone who has the EFI setup has thought about, tried or has done the following :

Place a small netbook laptop behind the passenger seat, could use velcro to keep it in place. Netbook runs off of battery or could operate from an adapter plugged into the auxillary power port.

Connect into the EFI via the rs232 (usb adapater, typical connection).

Using a vga to rca scan converter, plug the netbook into an in-car video setup. RCA would connect into a "video in" port of the in-car video.

Have the netbook auto boot to the editor utility on power up, with the data controls screen pre-set and positioned appropriately for viewing via the in-car video screen.

I have a 7" dvd/video setup currently that I use as a rear-view camera. I could easily hit the video selection button and switch over to the data controls screen, viewing pre-selected controls in real time.

Has anyone tried this?

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Yes and Yes (well I didn't actually secure the laptop since I was just seeing if it would work, but I did do the video out to video in on my Pioneer AVIC-N4.

Problem is the vga to NTSC SD video is of too low a quality resolution to really support clear display of the EFI data controls (as presented in the nEditor). Also, there is some lag between what is displayed vs. driver input -- this appears to be a limitation of in RS232 interface.

Heard a wild rumor that EFI might move to a true USB connection rather than RS232, but don't hold me to that.

I think if you add the EFI dash you'll be able to get all this data to display - Phil (turbophil) has this setup.

I think Jim C. may have got it working on his RacePak IQ3 dash (same one I use).

I'm preping my car for Infineon this weekend, but if I get a chance next weekend I'll snap some pics of how it looks when routed thru my Avic-N4 LCD - it ain't pretty.

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