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While hot rodding a Vauxhall Victor FB, i needed some rear lights. Couldn't find
any in good condition, so have some new chrome surrounds reproduced. These are perfect for the Elan S2 and S3. They are made of brass so will not corrode again. The chroming is superb, i am very pleased with the way they have turned out. I have 10 sets with the option of more if there is a demand.

I have one complete set of lights for sale which have new gaskets. I will now also offer a reconditioning service. Simply send me your lights and i will strip them down, rust treat and paint the back panel. Clean and polish the lenses and supply new chrome surrounds and gaskets. They will be returned all reassembled and ready to fit.
I'm located in the UK, contact me if interested
[email protected] or 07951818291 if in the UK
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