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Like many folks, I have a pair of these Rhino ramps:

They have a 17-degree incline. Is that too much for the nose to handle?

Ideally, I'd like to get a second set and use them to drive up on all fours to drop the diffuser, detail the car, whatever.. But I'll probably have to jack the car up on each side to get them underneath. (The lift height looks like about six inches, so they won't fit under the rear tires by just sliding them under)

I suppose a few large blocks of wood could serve the same purpose, but 6" thick blocks of wood are probably more expensive and don't have built-in chocks..

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yeah, it looks like it'd work. If you pushed them in towards the center of the car as far as possible, they hit the front clam. Otherwise, looks like there's 'enough' room, just gotta be careful when backing off of them as the suspension will compress when it reaches the ground if you're going quick.


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