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Elise and Speedbumps

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Anyone have trouble with speedbumps yet, I know of some that I think would be serious trouble to the front lip, I am more scared of the speed dips (opposite of a speed bump), wondering if anyone has experienced any trouble with this?

I am assuming if you approach at an angle you will be better off?
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I have not had any trouble with any speedbumps yet. I take them slowly. I do not take them at an angle.

I did hit a dip in the road at speed and it was pretty jarring and I think the tires touched the wheel wells.

I think entrances/driveways are much more problematic. I assume if I saw a speedbump that was really bad, I would try to avoid it.

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Don't take them at an angle, you will ground the spoiler in between the front wheels negotiating the bump!
Around here they install speed bumps with SUVs in mind. There are some Malls where I will not drive, my car would ground on them.
When I tracked a 928 it had a ground clearance of three fingers (2") on the front spoiler. It made you look at every intersection for height changes :D It was still my daily driver, but there were certain roads I couldn't use. If in doubt about clearance and especially if you can see gouges in the top of a bump, avoid it.
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