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CAR DEALERS ARE LIKE WOMEN…......No, I guess I won't even go there. But use your imagination or post your ideas if you like.

However, my point is there are all kinds of dealers and customers for that matter. I've placed a $2,500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit with a reputable dealer, have everything I need in writing and am just waiting. I'll get my car when it's my turn, have no doubt about it and don’t bitch about it. As variable as the dealers are, the depositors are the same. Some are serious, some are not. Some are making a deposit on an Elise and some are purchasing an Elise.

REFUNDABLE deposits mean to the dealer that you're not positive you want the car, may or may not buy it when the time comes and everyone is playing games. The deposit is basically not a legal contract. The dealer expects some of the deposits to be taken back so he doesn't expect any loyalty from this "customer". He realizes that you could place a deposit with another dealer to get a lower position on the nebulous "list" then cancel your non-deal with him. No court would ever support either side's position - you'd just get your deposit back and the dealer would just go off screw someone else. Buyer and seller both beware.

I believe that we do not hear from most of the Elise depositors on this forum who are serious purchasers. Their dealer knows they are buying the car and although price is always an object it's not that important - they want the car. These buyers take care of business in a business-like manner and get treated likewise, if the dealer is honest. If not, then they go elsewhere. It’s not rocket science to see that you do not have a deal or have a crappy deal.

I feel this way and know many others who also do. I never see them posting here but I think it is enjoyable to see the speculation and concern over minutia in these Forums. (By the way, I am not a car dealer)

I want the car. And ugly reflectors, or whatever, bear little or no weight in my decision to buy this car. I have been smitten and have Lotuslust.

Just my opinion - I could be wrong............(but not this time)
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