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Elise clutch squeak

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I have an '05 Elise with nearly 20k miles and very little track time.
Recently, I have noticed after warm-up that there is a squeaking noise when the clutch is NOT depressed, evident at idle and in motion - and does not seem to change in pitch or volume in any way. However, the noise is intermitten, altough it seems to be more evident after harder driving / more shifting. Could this possibly be a throw-out bearing or pilot bearing?? Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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Read through this thread:

The title is about clutch noise, but really it is more likely coming from one of the clutch fork contact points. Either the pivot point or the slave cylinder push rod contact point. I have had the same noise with my Elise and Subaru, lubricating the slave cylinder rod contact point worked for me in both cases.
Another thread I found that may help you:

Contains several good diagrams/pictures. Also a couple links to a Celica forum discussing the same issue.
Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I posted on the first link you gave me and so far no reply. I will go check out the other thread you posted - photos and diagrams will be very useful as I am not terribly mechanically inclined, but want to avoid a dealer visit if I can.
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