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Elise development video

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Hey everyone, the wait is kind of boring so I 'd like to find some more videos to keep me occupied.
I've seen the Best of British and the Top gear videos but someone mentioned somewhere about a video that shows the original development of the Lotus Elise. Does anyone know about this video?

Thanks and hang tight, as soon as the cars start to come we will have lots more to talk about!

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Hi and Welcome,

I assume you're referring to "Elise - The Inside Story". It's a very well done program, on two tapes (about two and a half hours total).

My first inclination is to direct you to Lotus directly for purchase, but I'm sure others have found different sources. If you order from Lotus, be sure to specify the NTSC version.

Come to think of it, I need to get another copy -- I've pretty much played the thing to death...
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