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Elise Esthi videos now on line

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That's an impressive car, though I think I'll be perfectly happy with the ~190hp four cylinder Toyota. Heck, at the price for that Esthi, you could get an F360 Modena (well, used...).
I think that's more power than I'm interested in having at my disposal. One thing I learned, though: that huge LOTUS logo is a vent, not an applique. That's pretty cool, but I bet it can break very easily...
Yeah, but it also means there's no trunk anymore. Maybe I'm a wimp, but the reality is, if the car can't hold luggage for a weekend trip for my wife & I, it's not going to be driven all that much.
Maybe lotus, or a third party, will design a lotus suitcase that perfectly fits the trunk space. That would be nice.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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