Back by popular demand! I just finished a second run and I'm already 50% sold out.
Designed and made by me, WAY less expensive than the Lotus factory divider. Better looking and more robust than Lotus OEM or any other aftermarket version out there. Mixed brushed & matte finish, along with pass-through holes integrate beautifully with the Lotus interior motif. Snaps in firmly and square, yet still easy to remove/reposition.
Buyer reviews:
~"Just installed it and its spot on. Lovely piece."
~"This thing is ROCK SOLID. I LOVE IT."

THREE Options:
Plain: $99
Ram Ball "B" attached: $115
Ram Ball “B” with Secure Lock: $125

Free shipping in the US.
Canada & Mexico: $15
S. America: $19
Europe: $22
Asia, Oz, NZ, ZA: $26
*Inquire for a consolidated rate if you want to get in with friends to combine shipment

Pay to Venmo @MarkVH1 or PayPal ("sending money to a friend" if you can, but not mandatory) at [email protected].

Please allow a few days for final finish and assembly before I ship your order.

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