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Should any of this be added??

Note to new Elise & Exige Owners:

1. These cars have large (i.e. dangerous) blind spots. Multivex mirrors are NLA, but RLS (Really Light Stuff) offers very good tape-on replacements.

2. The horns are way too weak (quiet). There’s an inverse relationship: smaller the car, louder the horn needs to be.

Get something such as a Stebel Nautilus.

Stock: “Excuse me”

Stebel: “HONK! LOOK OUT!”

Remove the stock horn; replace with louder.

(I drive with my finger on the horn button in any traffic. Iffy situations, my headlights are on.)

3. The early cars came with misaimed and dim headlights. If you drive at night, convert to HIDs. While better than stock halogen bulbs are available, HIDs throw more light. Stay around 5000k.

4. Ensure your car has had the work required by the recall for oil line fittings done. You could lose an engine and/or spin in your own oil.

5. The best transmission lube I’ve found is Redline MT-90 plus a little Power Punch Extreme Gear Oil Additive. (Note that it takes two changes to get rid of the previous lube.)

a) Early cars have wobbly shift towers. Look up Stan’s Mod (bolt and spacer; and

Sector 111 long thru bolt that terminates under car: re-ENFORCER - Shift reinforcement for the Lotus Elise and Exige - Sector111

These (lube, mods) make a huge change in shifting.

6. As per some engine builders on these sites, wait at least 10 minutes after coolant has reached full operating temp before engaging cam switchover.

7. Rear toe-links can loosen and break with disastrous results. You can check tq periodically, or use Nordlock washers. Best is conversion to better engineered brace, such as BOE’s for one example.

8. While under the car with panel off, look around for hoses and wires chafing their way to failure. That’s how this was found:

9. Visit the Uber Thread

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Just a note since it is still at the top of this post, the Lotus Cars website for manuals doesn't work anymore [10/2015]. Managed with some work to get it to take my order, but didn't get anything. Emailed them and they said yeah, doesn't work anymore and refunded my 25 bucks.

the links to free manuals appear to be all older 2006 and earlier.

The manual on ebay is good, but the parts manual included is 2006 and before. The link here:

Is the complete parts manual. A bunch is not very important to most as all the trim/wheel etc changes the last few years apply to few cars. I printed both for the garage as the older one covers most of what I need.
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