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I’m working on my 2005 Elise that had a bad window rattle when the window was down. If the window is raised just a smidge the rattle goes away. I opened the door hoping to adjust the down limit and found that it seems to be missing. The parts manual lists a “downstop, door glass” but doesn’t picture it. It also lists “Tape, self adhesive, down stop to door” so I’m assuming that the down stop is nothing more than a bumper pad double side taped to the bottom of the door shell. But I don’t have anything in either door. Does Anyone have a door apart with a down stop installed that can send me a picture to show what it supposed to look like and where it goes.

The other thing I found was that the upstop limit screws which are part of the lift mechanism are falling apart. The upstop screws are nothing more than an M6 flat head screw with an overmolded plastic head. You can see in the drivers door pictured, the plastic part is cracked in half. It’s still functioning because there is still plastic between the screw head and window (down in the picture). The passenger side is cracked through but not yet broken apart So it’s not far behind. Has anyone had this and found a replacement screw? Lotus only lists the whole assembly, and I can’t be the only one with this issue.

Dave C
‘05 Elise (original owner)

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