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Elise in C&D mag

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The lastest issue is out in the new for '04 section they have a short write up on the Elise C&D Hope there right about the weight.
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Very cool. I wonder how accurate that is? If it is, I would be happy with 1800 pounds, 190hp, 6 speeds, and the A/C.

First time I have heard 2500 cars a year though, a slight bump up from previous numbers of 1500 and 2000. Maybe they are reacting to pre-orders?
It most likely was Lotus-speak from a few months ago. The upper number I've heard has always been 2500. Arinie appears to have said add 200lbs at Log, which would put it closer to 1900lbs. Guess the word is now out... :cool:
Interesting that they mention the engine, transmission and weight when we can't pry that info out of Lotus. Hey Randy, I thought that Lotus Admin mentioned the 2500 production figure a while back (originally I had heard 3000, so I sort of remember when the number went down).
Could be. I was told by Lotus a long time ago that it would be 1500, then I heard 2000 from a dealer.
hmm.. I've been telling people 2500 for months now, so I must have heard it somewhere a while back.

I don't consider this an official announcement, so my place in the pool for a Jan '04 announcement still stands. ;)
Hm. 1800 pounds is about the same as the vauxhall vx220/opel speedster... which has I think as standard all the options of the fed elise. (airbag, aircon etc).


The best part is that they probably just got their info from one of the message boards. This is the same thing we've been saying for SEVERAL months.

They could at least credited us. ;)
WooHoo Maybe I'll win!! :D
Maybe we all will too!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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