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1. I don't know. I never noticed rain noise with my Touring soft top.

2. Single blade works great.

3. I would not drive into a puddle that was deep enough to worry about. If it looked like the water could be over 5" deep, I would drive somewhere else. I hope I am never caught where I don't have an option. The real issue I have noticed is that the water an cover bad streets or potholes and you can hit some pretty hard.

4. Any midengined car can get a little scary in the wet. In normal wet conditions, I think the A048s work great. But in standing water conditions, I think they suck and I would slow way down.

5. Umm... no worse than they are at night, which is not great. I have a set of upgraded bulbs here, waiting for some spare time to install.

6. Yes, it is still leaking.

The good news is that we have very few days like this.
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