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I heard the lotus ones use a special connector. You will have to do splicing work if you buy the other ones. Confirm? Deny?
The connector is specific, but the actual sensor is generic. You can purchase a Bosch 15733 O2 Sensor from any automotive store. Cut off about 8-12" of the connector side of the old sensor and splice it onto the new one. Match the wire colors, the whites do not matter, just as long as you match white to white.

The reason to cut off extra on the connector end is so that you can keep replacing the sensor in the future and not worry about the little bit of wire you have to cut off each time you resplice. This is looking 10 years down the road of course. Be sure to use solder and heatshrink. Do not use electrical tape of butt connectors. Flux will help the solder flow between the wires as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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