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Elise OEM exhaust rattle found & fixed 05+

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Elise OEM exhaust rattle found & fixed.

My 05 developed an annoying rattle 3k to 5k that was making the engine sound like a honda with a $20 ebay muffler. After closer inspection, removing the diffuser etc I found that the exhaust tips were rattling against the inner pipes. Lotus it seems designed them as a slip fit and only welded one point at the top. After so many thousand heat cycles it appears the inner pipes changed shape slightly. This allowed the slip fit outer pipe/tip to rattle against the inner exhaust pipe. I verified that this was where the noise is coming from by simply tapping on the exhaust tips with my hand. I assume this is a common problem with the OE 05+ exhaust and may be adding to your raspy exhaust note if you have more than say 10K miles.

The fix: I did not feel comfortable welding the tips of the visible exhaust so I decided to make up a shim. You could possibly use a pair of screws in the little drain holes at the bottom of each tip. The shim I made up was about 3mm thick and 8mm wide. I then used a pair of vice grips (and some cloth to protect the finish) to squeeze inner pipe up against the outer pipe on the bottom. I then tapped the shim in between the inner and outer pipes at the top of the outlet. The inner pipe and outer pipe are now wedged together and... no more rattle!

I hope this helps some other owner who is chasing noises in the Elise. Now if I could just find the time to make something for my window rattle.

Happy motoring.