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Elise parts

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Stage II Janspeed muffler $350.
Dusttop indoor car cover $75.
complete set of original splined wheel bolts $50.
Battery cover $10.
Original rubber brake lines $40.
Original airbox $50.
All plus shipping.
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Is the cover "fitted"

What color

battery cover to 95827?
You have a PM.
Terry... Are you willing to ship the battery cover to 95827?

If so what is the price for shipping + price of Battery cover.. Please LMK
I will pick up the battery cover. I am local. I will even show up in my lotus in the snow.
I'll take the cover. Sent you a PM.
I'll take the cover. Sent you a PM.
Sorry, Payment is in the mail for the cover.
Terry, are you still trying to sell this stuff or are you just ignoring me?
Do you have the rubber hose that connects the airbox to the throttle body?
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