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Elise pics

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Pics of the Elise

Nice pic from the Chicago Autoshow

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If only I fit in it better. You'd think that after driving a kart for a while I'd be used to cramped spaces. That steering wheel-knee-shift lever conflict is pretty tough to get past though.

Such a sweet car. Tastefully ricey. :)

Larry Andrews said:
lever conflict is pretty tough to get past though.

Such a sweet car. Tastefully ricey. :)

Does that count as ricey? I don't think it does :)
What diameter steering wheel is it Larry?
Could you install a smaller wheel?

Shifter levers with an offset to get closer to the driver are common, how about finding an offset shifter you can install away from the driver.
Is it wrong to lust after a car?

If so, Im in trouble. :p
Chris Robertson said:
Does that count as ricey? I don't think it does :)
Dude, how long do you think it will take (after the Elise is released) for the Honda puds to cut holes in their hoods for the vents? And the side intakes? :rolleyes: Stupid kids. "how to dress for the nines when you can't break out of the seventeens"

I've got a 1:18 model of the first gen Elise on the shelf. I actually like it better, it's considerably simpler and less busy compared to the 2G Elise.

Doesn't mean I don't like the new one... :)

I feel the same way. I love the simplicity and form-follows-function of the first gen, but I still love the 2nd gen. And it continues to grow on me.

Is it wrong to lust after a car? Nope.
Though I like the S1, it was not really a dramatically 'new' look. The S2, on the other hand, is much more original. The car really looks fantastic in person. The styling is much more exotic than any Japanese sportscar (especially the NSX).

But then again, styling takes second place to driving dynamics! The Elise has got this all important feature in spades...

Yeah, its nice to have a stylish car.... especially if it has an exotic marquee behind it, but....

If a Hyundai had the same specs and roadhoalding capabilities that the Elise has, I'd jump on it! Brand means *almost* nothing .....

I heard how well the Elise handles and how light it was, and after I took a test drive.... I was hooked!

Jose Soriano
You can have a look at my Elise at

It's an S2 with Lotus Sports Suspension upgrade amongst other bits
Great looking car Moose.

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I've thrown up a bunch of S2 pics, sorted by color, here

Nice pics . . . .

By the way that's an Elise Type 72 not a Heritage, Lotus have limited editions (eg the Type 25) where they produce fixed numbers with numbered plates on the dash, the Heritage editions (Type 72, Type 49 etc) are not numbered but have a heritage plate on the dash

Sorry to be picky but, as you may have established i'm pretty proud of my Type 72 :D :D :D :D :D
Thanks for the correction! There are so many different versions of the Elise, it's tough to get 'em straight. ;-)
wow, the Brits are killin us...

argh! we need that car!

It is sooooooo worth the wait.

The weather in Kent this morning is cold (ish) 6 degrees, but there's a clear blue sky so . . . . . . . lid off for the drive in to work, round the country lanes . . . . . life is really, REALLY good :D

Sorry mate, you may want to close your eyes for this one ;)

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