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babak said:
One other thing, the EU does recognize the problem with how lopsided the currency has gotten. I spent some time there last week to see family and it was interesting listening to small time merchants complain of the cheap dollar; On how it had hurt their business by not exporting or selling to US customers (both tourists and direct shipping.) I think that once our economy stabilizes and once the election is over and the fed raise the interest rate (which has been one big factor in the dollars fall, granted it's done to keep the US export sector going) the dollar should come back with a fury. So perhaps by the time the 06's hit the streets Lotus shouldn't be hurting due to the exchange rate.
Hm... Presumably that would mean I'd make some money on the US stock market too.... (when the rate ges from $1.90/£1 back to about £1.50/£ I'd make about 22%)... been wondering whether to buy any more stock recently... Hmmmm...........

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