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Help Please .

Bought a 2010 Elise S3 from a Lotus MD , who have been brilliant , and are taking the car back in to investigate .

Problem is as follows , and i wonder if any of you have come across it before :

1) Pre delivery dealer found that the battery was not holding charge , so removed it and charged it on the bench .
Put it back in the car , and found that it worked , but only for a short time

2) So the day before collection , the dealer put in a BRAND NEW BATTERY .

3) Car worked fine , and i drove it back home about 100 miles

4) But it in a garage with a CTEK 5.0 MVS charger .

5) Because of the lockdown and work , have been able to drive it at all , but did move it from the garage onto my driveway .

6) Took it out onto my driveway only , about 5 times with no issues at all

7) About 1 month after collection , i was surprised one day to find the CTEK charger showing a red error light , and the 7 orange lights that normally light up to say that all is fine had gone off .

Disconnected the CTEK , and the car would not start .

8) 2 days later reconnected the CTEK , and the battery charged up quickly as normal .
Car started as normal .
All was well for about 10 days , and then the CTEK red light came on again , the battery was apparently dead , and the car would not start .

9) This has now happened repeatedly - there is absolutely no pattern , or timescale as to when the CTEK will charge the battery , and when it wont .
The only constant is that when the car does start , it does so instantly and perfectly , and runs as normal .

10) I have 6 different CTEK 5.0 MVS chargers , and have swapped them round from the other cars , and i get the same result ( as described above ) with different CTEKs , so i dont think that it is the CTEK chargers that are at fault .

11) Any one had the same problem before ?
Any suggestions as to what could be the fault , and what different things we should be looking at ?

the Main Dealer have been brilliant , and are picking up the car , but i would like to give them as much help as possible in diagnosing the problem as it appears to be intermittent , and with no set pattern , and no definite time course - hence the questions to the SELOC community.

Thank you
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