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Hi guys, newbie here!

I've just bought some S1 Elise seats (destined for a Eunos) and the drivers lumbar bladder does not work properly. I presume it has a leak as it deflates when you sit on it.

I've seen pictures of the S2 seats having the centre cushions removed from the top, via clips, then the rest of the pads are glued.

The S1 seats are stitched at the top, but it does look like the centre cushions are glued in place, but I don't want to pull at them without knowing, in case I'll end up ripping the foam. Does anyone know if the foam is lined, and so just gentle persuasion is needed to remove them, then use new adhesive when putting them back?

I'm hoping that once I have the cushions removed I can find the leak on the baldder and repair it.

Other little question, how are you supposed to deflate the bladder under normal use? Just hold the pump in?

Hope someone can help :)
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