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I have just bought a 2010 Elise R with the old 2ZZ-GE engine , but the newer S3 body.
Very excited

I really like the Cup style rear wing -- as seen in the latest Elise 250 Cup.

Elise-shop do an aftermarket replica Cup wing
If anyone has had direct experience of this rear wing , please could you tell me :
1) The quality of the wing
2) What are the uprights made of , and colour what are they ?
3) As I would be running the car without the front spoiler and the side skirts , I would want to set the angle of attack of the Elise as close as possible to zero degrees -- is this possible with the Elise-shop part
4) Please could you upload any photos that you have of circa S3 elises ==particularly side profile hotos of the S3 carrying a Cup style rear wing
5) Any other sources of an after market rear wing ?

Thank you.
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