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Elise service

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Alright, I'm bent over ready to take the bashing but I'm very:panic: I've searched the uberpost & forums but can't seem to work out the elise's oil change. I've always thought it was 7500 miles or within 12 months after the first service (the dealership said the same), however the service book says 4000 miles and the uberpost says 4000 for hard use hence my:panic:

No flaming about how I should change it every 3000 miles no matter what, I just want to know what is the recommended Lotus schedule and what quantifies hard use
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Pretty sure you know when you are putting your car through "hard use" besides tracking it. Other than that, 7500 is ok although I do my own oil changes once between 7500 if I have the time, if not, I just wait till the next one. Unless you are really pushing the car everytime you turn on the ignition, I really don't see a need for oil changes every 3000 miles. I just do it because I've too much time rotfl
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