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I was at the track this weekend and some driver in an Elise set the track record for TTC. He said the previous record was set over 3 years ago by a two time NASA Nationals TTC winner. Link here. Look under Phoenix International Raceway.

NASA Time Trial

Mar 09 Edit: Well the Phoenix International Raceway record was broken. The recently set old record by the Elise was 1:10.42. Durring the March 09 event a BMW broke the record with a 1:09.18, the Elise got a 1:09.59 and a Mini Cooper went 1:09.80. So the Elise picked up 0.8 seconds, but it wasn't enough.

Aug 09 Edit: Well, the Elise set a new TTC record for Firebird East here in AZ. Previously held by an S2000. The driver was fast enough to beat the BMW that holds the PIR record.

Oct 09 Edit: The Elise once again has the PIR track record! 1:09.09. The Mini Cooper S was about 0.2 seconds behind both days. The BMW driver sold his car.
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