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"ELISE" sign on ebay!!

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HI All,
I know someone was looking for one of these several months ago. This is one of those large alum individual lettering "Elise" signs in the series 1 elise font. I think this guy makes them so he can probably get others.



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Hi Chris -

Yes the guy that makes these puts them up on auction on a regular basis. He also does one that says LOTUS in the traditional block font.
he's been making those since before I got on the waiting list 2.5 years ago.

bet his price will increase soon!

I got one of these on Ebay. Couldn't resist, even though it will be inside the garage and my wife and I will be the only ones that see it, for the most part. These seem to be available all the time and in various versions.


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Can I get it mounted to a huge gold link chain so I can wear it around my peeps?
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